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Aaaaaand here's another one!

Title: Photograph [ FF.NET ]
Pairing: KagomexInuyasha
Rating: PG
Genre: Fluff/Romance/Humor/Drama
Word Count: 1,304
Summary: Inuyasha is invited to be a part of a Higurashi family photograph...
Note: Takes place sometime very late in the manga. Written for [ profile] xgrenade for a Christmas gift. Enjoy!
Japanese Glossary:
Kosode- A traditional jacket/top worn by both men and women. Think the shirt Inuyasha wears under his red fire-rat.
Hakama- Very wide legged pants that tie at the waist. The wide legged pants several characters wear in the series are hakama. Some tie at the bottom like Inuyasha and Naraku’s. Others are open like Jiichan's. Inuyasha is wearing open-bottomed ones in this fic.
Kanzashi- A hair ornament used in a traiditional Japanese hairstyle.
Kakuni- Japanese braised pork dish.

Inuyasha had been confused that day, when Kagome brought him to her world in a rush, face flushed as she frantically glanced at the ‘clock’ she kept in her backpack. .. )
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More Holiday gift fic. This one was written for [ profile] shattere.

Title: Reflections by Moonlight [ Link ]
Pairing: KagomexInuYasha
Rating: PG
Genre: Drama/Romance
Word Count: 965
Summary: The light of the full moon illuminates how things have changed between Kagome and InuYasha.
Note: Takes place a bit less than halfway through the manga, probably right before the Shichinin-tai arc. Let's just say they're on their way to Ushitora. :)

The starlight and the incandescent moon provided enough brightness to illuminate their way... )
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A drabble I wrote for [ profile] eggychan. :)

Title: No More Interruptions [ FF.Net Link ]
Pairing: KagomexInuYasha
Rating: PG
Genre: Romance/Humor
Word Count: 471
Summary: InuYasha was beginning to feel like someone was playing a very elaborate joke on them... [Reference to Chapter 494- The Two Worlds. If you haven't read the chapter though, it shouldn't really spoil you.]

Stupid telephone... )
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Title: Namesake
Genre: General/Bit of Romance
Pairing: Higurashi Kagome/InuYasha
Word Count: 490
Rating: PG
Disclaimer: "InuYasha" is copyright Takahashi Rumiko and all the people that employ her.
Note: For more information on the game 'Kagome-Kagome' go here.

It was the song that caught InuYasha's attention... )


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