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I'm going to start archiving all my non-chapter fics here. That will include oneshots and drabbles, most of which have already been posted at Some of them will be deleted from, but everything from Transience, By Your Side and Ai no Kakera is definitely staying as far as IY fics. All oneshots are as well. I'm going to trickle these in so I don't spam you with a million posts. Expect them, and some new stuff in the next few days. Feel free to comment/friend this journal if you wish.

So without further ado- two drabbles!

Drabble: Someone to Call Home
Pairing: KagomexInuYasha
Genre: Fluff/Future fic

Towards home... )

Title: The Whispers of Flowers
Pairing: KagomexInuYasha
Genre: Drama/Light Romance

She always came... )
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Title: Kizuna
Rating: PG
Genre: Romance/Introspective/A bit of humor
Pairing: Kagome/InuYasha
Word Count: 300
Summary: I wonder if they even realize how deep the bonds of loyalty between them run? (Miroku POV)
Notes: Takes place around the current point in the series or later. 'Kizuna' means 'bonds.' Entrant at [ profile] iyfic_challenge where it won second place.

They act upon it just the same... )
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Last night [ profile] tailfluff poked me to write a companion piece to "Labels" from Kagome's viewpoint. It is substantially longer than the first. Namely because with InuYasha's I was attempting to stay under a word limit. With hers I wasn't.

So here it is!

Title: Labels (Part Two- Kagome)
[Also available on]
Word Count: 308 (Substantially longer than the first.)
Summary: Hanyou was a label, a label denoting something tainted and impure. If that was the way the world chose to define what InuYasha was, then she refused to acknowledge it.

Because as time went on, as the couple grew closer, as they encountered multitudes of trials and tribulations… she observed a certain change... )

Comments and constructive criticism are both welcome. ^^
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This drabble started out as something exploring InuYasha's humanity (<3 <3), but kind of diverted elsewhere as it went on. Ah well.

Title: Labels
Rating: PG
Pairing: InuYasha/Kagome implications
Genre: Drama/Hints at romance
Word Count: 185.
Summary: His mother's son, Hanyou... Home. Labels can be both a good and bad thing, but everyone has one for those close to them.

Kagome never mentioned what he was. She was all acceptance and brilliant sunlit invitations... )

Phwee, let me know what you think. Comments and constructive criticism are both welcome. ^^
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A drabble, written for the first line meme in [ profile] dawning_star's journal. Yay, I'm writing again. (Kind of.)

Title: Kiss
Genre: Romance
Pairing: InuYasha/Kagome
Rating: PG
Word Count: 187
Summary: Despite popular belief, their first kiss was not planned. Their observing comrades had thought so, for surely the inexperienced pair could not be so impulsive.

It was a kiss of life, of relief, of realized dreams, and of victory. )

Let me know what you think. ^^
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Title: Follow
Genre: Romance
Pairing: InuYasha/Kagome
Word count: 114
Rating: PG-13 (Sexual Implications-- mushy as all hell)
Summary: He will let her be his guide... through everything.

I'll follow you forever... )

I think most people forget how innocent InuYasha is. He wouldn't know at all what to do in this situation like this, and I think it's sad that fanfic authors abandon that at times to make him so sexually driven. It's part of what I love best about him as a character. He's been through hell, yet still carries that innocence and naivette under his gruff exterior. That is so sweet. So yah, a little bit of showing that as well as his devotion towards her--- that was the point of this drabble. Hope it worked.

Let me know what you think!


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