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Title: Believe in You, Believe in Me [ FF.NET ]
Pairing: KiraxLacus
Rating: PG
Genre: Romance/Drama
Word Count: 820
Summary: Lacus has doubts about her new position as Chairwoman of PLANT...
Note: Wow, I haven't written Gundam Seed in over three years, I believe. I do hope I can still do it! This takes place sometime post-DESTINY. As seen in Final Plus and the SE, Lacus is Chairwoman of PLANT and Kira is a higher-up in ZAFT, although that part isn't specifically mentioned in the fic. This fic was written as a Christmas gift for [ profile] lacus!

I would have felt stronger with you beside me... )
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Working on reviving this again. I kept stopping in the middle of doing it. Here are three Gundam Seed Destiny drabbles.

Shades of Blue- ShinnxStellar )

Ready to Go!- Meer and Red-chan... )

Shopping Trip- KiraxLacus )

Comments are welcome. ^^

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I plan on using this writing journal a bit more from now on. I was inspired by [ profile] dqbunny's [ profile] bunnyofferings to take up use of my writing journal more. Fics here will be mostly "InuYasha" with a few other fandoms mixed in from time to time. (Most notably "Gundam Seed/Destiny.")

Title: Waiting
Pairing: KiraxLacus
Genre: Romance/Drama
Word Count: 330
Summary: And so Lacus waited, offering her quiet support and noticing how each day that fear diminished just a slight bit more.
Note: Written for [ profile] endless_future

Love is patient... )


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