Jul. 15th, 2012

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Title: Cerulean [FF.NET] [ Writing Journal Previous Chapters ]
Pairing: Main: AmericaxEngland. Minor: CanadaxUkraine, SwedenxFinland, DenmarkxNorway, PolandxLithuania, SpainxSouth Italy.
Rating: PG-13
Genre: Romance/Humor/Drama/Alternate Universe
Word Count: 3,273
Summary: Arthur is spending a normal summer at his father's beach house in Cape Cod, when he encounters the extraordinary in the form of an enthusiastic young merman named Alfred, who holds an intense curiosity for Arthur. Over one summer, they'll fall in love. Over one summer, their lives will change forever.
Chapter Summary: Arthur would have laughed and told him that “you’re hardly one to think things through.” And okay, maybe he was right. Maybe most of the time Alfred did just kind of charge head on into things, but… that’s not what he was going to do here.

A hero had to adapt themselves appropriately for the situation after all, and that’s exactly what he was going to do. He had a plan. And that plan began with Arthur’s mother. Alfred had finally mastered the masking spell, and just in time, because she had arrived the previous day, and he was going to meet her that afternoon.
Author's Note: WOW an update. Hope you enjoy! This fic is kicking into the long haul. I would imagine about six more chapters?

Katyusha- Ukraine

To Alfred at least, everything was going perfectly. He couldn’t imagine a better summer, a better thing to be happening to him... )


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