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I plan on using this writing journal a bit more from now on. I was inspired by [ profile] dqbunny's [ profile] bunnyofferings to take up use of my writing journal more. Fics here will be mostly "InuYasha" with a few other fandoms mixed in from time to time. (Most notably "Gundam Seed/Destiny.")

Title: Waiting
Pairing: KiraxLacus
Genre: Romance/Drama
Word Count: 330
Summary: And so Lacus waited, offering her quiet support and noticing how each day that fear diminished just a slight bit more.
Note: Written for [ profile] endless_future

Lacus Clyne held the key to Kira Yamato's heart. Because of that, she understood him.

From time to time he would embrace her, his arms 'round her as he vowed protection. Slightly more often he would slip his hand into hers. On a rare day, Kira might lean forward and give her a chaste kiss upon the cheek.

His romantic actions towards the songstress were as innocent as those performed by a schoolboy. They were small, restrained and they were few and far between.

Mostly, they were tentative, as if tomorrow may bring the end of everything.

She never discovered the details of everything that occurred to produce this boy ravaged by war and sorrow, for she was sure it involved more than just what had transpired on the battlefield.

Lacus remembered his gentle innocence when she'd first boarded the Archangel. She recalled his listless silence and faraway gaze when he recovered at her estate. Then later on how, with the weight of the world on his shoulders, he'd crashed and burned in her care so soon near the end of it all.

He had a benevolent heart, but it was one that needed mending that only time and love could provide.

And so Lacus waited, offering her quiet support and noticing how each day that fear diminished just a slight bit more.

There were those that the young couple knew, who'd embraced a more physical relationship long ago. This didn't phase Lacus in the least.

As time passed on, the gaps between the two of them would close. They had already begun to do so. When Kira was ready, Lacus would be as well.

However, she was happy with him as he was. Understanding that there were more important things in life.

Love, Devotion, Support.

Kira Yamato freely gave her all of that and she returned those sentiments.

The time would come when he would be ready for more, and she would wait. Patiently, as that's what love does.


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