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Here's the fourth of several sets of Hetalia drabbles. I'm offering requests in my lj, and these are the results so far.

Prompt: The Morning After [ FF.NET ]
Pairing: AmericaxEngland
Rating: PG-13
Genre: Humor/Romance
Word Count: 718
Summary: America and England wake up one morning in an... interesting situation. [For [ profile] technoranma]

They had no earthly idea why they were even there... )

Prompt: Experimental First Kiss [ FF.NET ]
Pairing: AmericaxEngland+Canada
Rating: PG
Genre: Gen/Romance(?)
Word Count: 237
Summary: An adolescent America asks Canada to do him a favor. [For [ profile] left_tool]

Boys are supposed to kiss girls, right?  )
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Here's the second of several sets of Hetalia drabbles. I'm offering requests in my lj, and these are the results so far.

Prompt: I Want More Than Just Looking at You [ FF.NET Link ]
Pairing: AustriaxHungary
Rating: PG-13
Genre: Romance/Humor
Word Count: 333
Summary: Austria is not a voyeur. Most definitely not. [For [ profile] miyuki_mina]

He was on a casual walk in the woods around his house when he stumbled across her bathing in a small pond... )

Prompt: What if this Storm Ends and I Don't See You as You are Now Ever Again? [ FF.NET Link ]
Pairing: SwedenxFinland
Rating: PG-13
Genre: Drama/Romance
Word Count: 233
Summary: Finland and Sweden talk war on a cold northern night. [For [ profile] lilichen]

For almost every Nation, war was merely a fact of life... )

Prompt: Swing [ FF.NET Link ]
Pairing: GermanyxN. Italy
Rating: G
Genre: Romance/Fluff
Word Count: 512
Summary: Germany wakes up to find Italy missing... [For [ profile] mayurasan]

Germany always worried when he couldn't find Italy... )
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Here's the first of several sets of Hetalia drabbles. I'm offering requests in my lj, and these are the results so far.

Prompt: Cooking [ FF.NET Link ]
Pairing: PolandxLithuania
Rating: G
Genre: Romance/Humor
Word Count: 225
Summary: Poland and Lithuania bake cookies for a World Summit. [For [ profile] a_white_rain]

We should like, totally make pony shaped cookies... )

Prompt: Maple Syrup [ FF.NET Link ]
Pairing: FrancexCanada
Rating: PG
Genre: Romance/Humor
Word Count: 170
Summary: Canada serves France his favorite dish and awaits a reaction. [For [ profile] viola_player]

Canada flushed as France slipped the fork out of his mouth... )

Prompt: Camera [ FF.NET Link ]
Pairing: PrussiaxSwitzerland
Rating: PG-13
Genre: Romance/Humor
Word Count: 226
Summary: Prussia and Switzerland share a kodak moment in bed. [For [ profile] abarero]

"Get the hell away with that," Switzerland snapped and shoved the camera from his face... )
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Written for [ profile] dragonsquee

Title: Secret Identity
Pairing: Peter Parkerx Mary Jane Watson
Rating: G
Genre: Romance/Humor
Word Count: 196
Summary: An off topic discussion... [Takes place sometime early in the Spider-Man Loves Mary Jane storyline.]

Wouldn't it be cool... )
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A drabble I wrote for [ profile] eggychan. :)

Title: No More Interruptions [ FF.Net Link ]
Pairing: KagomexInuYasha
Rating: PG
Genre: Romance/Humor
Word Count: 471
Summary: InuYasha was beginning to feel like someone was playing a very elaborate joke on them... [Reference to Chapter 494- The Two Worlds. If you haven't read the chapter though, it shouldn't really spoil you.]

Stupid telephone... )
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Working on reviving this again. I kept stopping in the middle of doing it. Here are three Gundam Seed Destiny drabbles.

Shades of Blue- ShinnxStellar )

Ready to Go!- Meer and Red-chan... )

Shopping Trip- KiraxLacus )

Comments are welcome. ^^

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I'm going to start archiving all my non-chapter fics here. That will include oneshots and drabbles, most of which have already been posted at Some of them will be deleted from, but everything from Transience, By Your Side and Ai no Kakera is definitely staying as far as IY fics. All oneshots are as well. I'm going to trickle these in so I don't spam you with a million posts. Expect them, and some new stuff in the next few days. Feel free to comment/friend this journal if you wish.

So without further ado- two drabbles!

Drabble: Someone to Call Home
Pairing: KagomexInuYasha
Genre: Fluff/Future fic

Towards home... )

Title: The Whispers of Flowers
Pairing: KagomexInuYasha
Genre: Drama/Light Romance

She always came... )
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Three Izayoi fics. I've deleted these off to make space, so I'm posting them here.

Title: Hidden Within
Genre: General
Pairing: Izayoi/Inu no Taishou I guess.
Word Count: 291
Rating: PG
Summary: Izayoi is not the woman they see her as. She is still just a girl.

And she would smile, warm and welcoming, but not quite as radiant as it could be if she so desired... )

Title: Unconditional
Genre: General
Pairing: Izayoi/Inu no Taishou. Also implied Kagome/InuYasha is you squint super hard.
Word Count: 346
Rating: PG
Summary: The former princess had been asked: "Isn't it selfish? To bring a hanyou, something guaranteed to be hated into the world?"

At that moment, they'd silenced. For why would one want friends and lovers who did not accept every part of them anyhow? )

Title: Leaving Youth Behind
Genre: Romance/Introspective/Drama
Pairings: Inu No Taishou/Izayoi and Inu no Taishou/Sessmom
Word Count: 259
Rating: PG
Summary: Young love isn't always true love...

The former wife of the Inu no Taishou had no regrets... )

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Title: Namesake
Genre: General/Bit of Romance
Pairing: Higurashi Kagome/InuYasha
Word Count: 490
Rating: PG
Disclaimer: "InuYasha" is copyright Takahashi Rumiko and all the people that employ her.
Note: For more information on the game 'Kagome-Kagome' go here.

It was the song that caught InuYasha's attention... )
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Title: Panties
Genre: Crack!fic/Humor/Parody
Word Count: 220
Pairing: Athrun -----> Kira
Summary: Yzak Jule does the laundry...
Note: Written for [ profile] sonkikyo

Athrun Zala wore panties... )
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I plan on using this writing journal a bit more from now on. I was inspired by [ profile] dqbunny's [ profile] bunnyofferings to take up use of my writing journal more. Fics here will be mostly "InuYasha" with a few other fandoms mixed in from time to time. (Most notably "Gundam Seed/Destiny.")

Title: Waiting
Pairing: KiraxLacus
Genre: Romance/Drama
Word Count: 330
Summary: And so Lacus waited, offering her quiet support and noticing how each day that fear diminished just a slight bit more.
Note: Written for [ profile] endless_future

Love is patient... )

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Title: Kizuna
Rating: PG
Genre: Romance/Introspective/A bit of humor
Pairing: Kagome/InuYasha
Word Count: 300
Summary: I wonder if they even realize how deep the bonds of loyalty between them run? (Miroku POV)
Notes: Takes place around the current point in the series or later. 'Kizuna' means 'bonds.' Entrant at [ profile] iyfic_challenge where it won second place.

They act upon it just the same... )
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Last night [ profile] tailfluff poked me to write a companion piece to "Labels" from Kagome's viewpoint. It is substantially longer than the first. Namely because with InuYasha's I was attempting to stay under a word limit. With hers I wasn't.

So here it is!

Title: Labels (Part Two- Kagome)
[Also available on]
Word Count: 308 (Substantially longer than the first.)
Summary: Hanyou was a label, a label denoting something tainted and impure. If that was the way the world chose to define what InuYasha was, then she refused to acknowledge it.

Because as time went on, as the couple grew closer, as they encountered multitudes of trials and tribulations… she observed a certain change... )

Comments and constructive criticism are both welcome. ^^
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This drabble started out as something exploring InuYasha's humanity (<3 <3), but kind of diverted elsewhere as it went on. Ah well.

Title: Labels
Rating: PG
Pairing: InuYasha/Kagome implications
Genre: Drama/Hints at romance
Word Count: 185.
Summary: His mother's son, Hanyou... Home. Labels can be both a good and bad thing, but everyone has one for those close to them.

Kagome never mentioned what he was. She was all acceptance and brilliant sunlit invitations... )

Phwee, let me know what you think. Comments and constructive criticism are both welcome. ^^
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A drabble, written for the first line meme in [ profile] dawning_star's journal. Yay, I'm writing again. (Kind of.)

Title: Kiss
Genre: Romance
Pairing: InuYasha/Kagome
Rating: PG
Word Count: 187
Summary: Despite popular belief, their first kiss was not planned. Their observing comrades had thought so, for surely the inexperienced pair could not be so impulsive.

It was a kiss of life, of relief, of realized dreams, and of victory. )

Let me know what you think. ^^
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Title: Follow
Genre: Romance
Pairing: InuYasha/Kagome
Word count: 114
Rating: PG-13 (Sexual Implications-- mushy as all hell)
Summary: He will let her be his guide... through everything.

I'll follow you forever... )

I think most people forget how innocent InuYasha is. He wouldn't know at all what to do in this situation like this, and I think it's sad that fanfic authors abandon that at times to make him so sexually driven. It's part of what I love best about him as a character. He's been through hell, yet still carries that innocence and naivette under his gruff exterior. That is so sweet. So yah, a little bit of showing that as well as his devotion towards her--- that was the point of this drabble. Hope it worked.

Let me know what you think!


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