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This is the continuity post for my Science and the Human Heart 10.5 and Rose universe.

More details on this timeline under the cut... )

Saturday 09/21/13 // Second Guesses
Sunday 09/22/13 // Fic in Progress
Saturday 10/04/13 // Fic in Progress
Monday 10/21/13 // Fic in Progress
Tuesday 10/29/13 // The Trouble With Tabloids
Saturday 11/02/13 // Fic in Progress
Thursday 11/21/13 // Simply Bananas
Monday 12/16/13 // Ghosts of Christmas Past
Wednesday 12/25/13 //How Jackie Tyler Saved Christmas (And Will Never Let Anyone Forget About It)
Friday 10/17/2014 // Fic Almost Done!
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Higurashi KagomexInuYasha for [ profile] iy_no_kakera
001.Beginning 002.Dream 003.Evil Principles
004.If it Turns 005.Respect 006.Nostalgic
007.Partner 008.Break 009.Locust
010.Dew 011.Reliance 012.Betrayal
013.Strength from Within 014.Darkness 015.Golden Age
016.Light 017.Abandonment 018.Bonds
019.Fate 020.Encounter 021.Ornamental Hairpin
022.Blood Stain 023.Armor 024.Hair
025.Super Science 026.Bone 027.Wise Person
028.Rumor 029.Moon 030.Fascinating People
031.Cherry Tree 032.Transitions 033.Lost
034.Disagreement 035.Something Desired 036.Envy
037.Butterflies 038.Height Difference 039.Wandering
040.Uncompromising Attitude 041.Confrontation 042.Heart
043.Small 044.Growth 045.Inferiority Complex
046.Self-Confidence 047.Conflict 048.Early Hours of the Evening
049.Northeat 050.Life 051.Take
052.Past 053.Scars 054.When Going Away
055.Smiling Face 056.It is Dazzling 057.Aura
058.People? 059.Ghost 060.Camellia [Tsubaki]
061.Punishment 062.Snow Dances 063.Affection
064.Next World 065.Insect 066.It is Made
067.Peace 068.Games 069.Makeup
070.Tattoo 071.Fragment 072.Reckless Courage
073.Still 074.Candy 075.Writing
076.Wallet 077.It is Valuable 078.Every Day
079.Gentle Strength 080.Leaving 081.Regret
082.Way Back 083.Inspirations and Expirations 084.Danger
085.Dawn 086.Bands 087.Gourd
088.Run 089.A Good Combination 090.Encampment
091.Drastic Measures 092.Trouble 093.Shine Dully
094.Rain 095.Foolish People 096.Secret
097.Alcohol 098.Trap 099.Loves
100.Last Moment
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The DoctorxRose Tyler Theme Table for [ profile] 30_kisses:
01.Look over here 02.News; letter 03.Jolt!
04.Our distance and that person 05."Ano sa" ("hey, you know....") 06.The space between dream and reality
07.Superstar 08.Our own world 09.Dash!
10.#10 11.Gardenia 12.In a good mood
13.Excessive chain 14.Radio-cassette player 15.Perfect blue
16.Invincible; unrivaled 17.kHz (kilohertz) 18."Say ahh...."
19.Red 20.The road home 21.Violence; pillage/plunder; extortion
22.Cradle 23.Candy 24.Good night
25.Fence 26.If only I could make you mine 27. Overflow
28.Wada Calcium CD3 29.The sound of waves 30.Kiss

New fics will be linked upon completion.


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