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This is a resource post for You Can't Take the Sky from Me. It will be updated with new content whenever there's something to add. Due to the size the post has grown to, I've split up the second post and posted it on tumblr.

Every fanartist, fancomic creator, and cosplayer that has done something for this story has meant so much to me. I can't thank you all enough for these amazing pieces of work. If you find that you're particularly fond of any fanwork in these posts, please try to make time to let the creator know. They deserve it!

Resource Posts- Maps, Jolly Rogers, Costume Designs
Fanwork Posts- Fancomics, Fanart, Cosplay, Crafts, Misc.
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Here's the first of several sets of Hetalia drabbles. I'm offering requests in my lj, and these are the results so far.

Prompt: Cooking [ FF.NET Link ]
Pairing: PolandxLithuania
Rating: G
Genre: Romance/Humor
Word Count: 225
Summary: Poland and Lithuania bake cookies for a World Summit. [For [ profile] a_white_rain]

We should like, totally make pony shaped cookies... )

Prompt: Maple Syrup [ FF.NET Link ]
Pairing: FrancexCanada
Rating: PG
Genre: Romance/Humor
Word Count: 170
Summary: Canada serves France his favorite dish and awaits a reaction. [For [ profile] viola_player]

Canada flushed as France slipped the fork out of his mouth... )

Prompt: Camera [ FF.NET Link ]
Pairing: PrussiaxSwitzerland
Rating: PG-13
Genre: Romance/Humor
Word Count: 226
Summary: Prussia and Switzerland share a kodak moment in bed. [For [ profile] abarero]

"Get the hell away with that," Switzerland snapped and shoved the camera from his face... )


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